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Blue Chip has been consulting on SyteLine and Progress since 1993 and since then enhanced services on SyteLine. We assist our customers to implement and maintain SyteLine, enhance customized solutions and develop add-on modules. We have an excellent track record for customized Software development & deployment with many leading companies in USA, UK, Australia, Germany, Canada, India, Singapore, Thailand and other countries.

For most customers Blue Chip has been the registered vendor of choice for providing IT services over many years. We have been working with Clients on several projects at a time and executed over 200+ project assignments.

Infor Syteline 9 is Recognized as the "Most Significant SyteLine Release in Six Years,” SyteLine incorporates the latest Infor technology innovations of with Mongoose Version 9 and broad support for Infor Ming.le collaboration tools, Infor ION integration and Infor Business Intelligence (BI). This is a significant upgrade to the SyteLine ERP offering, which includes support for single-database multi-site or multi-database multi-site functionality, expanded financial controls, and a new user interface based on Infor’s SoHo standards.

Infor SyteLine version 9.00 has been specifically enhanced to help manufacturers increase productivity, track regulatory compliance and provide executive-level reporting. The application allows for automotive, equipment, high tech, and industrial/discrete manufacturing customers to monitor demand, schedule deliveries and track resources throughout the supply chain. Infor SyteLine continues to deliver broad manufacturing and distribution functionality as well as micro-vertical specific capabilities.

Major new features in SyteLine 9.00 include:

  • Single Instance or Multi-Site Database Functionality - Infor SyteLine 9.00 offers implementation options on how and where a company's data will be located and stored. SyteLine allows for data to be stored in a single database, or it can divide the data into different databases as needed to fit any complex environment or IT requirement. This provides customers with the ability to choose a tailored approach which best fits their specific needs; rather than typical ERPs that provide a generic toolset. Also, additional multi-site features were added so companies can better determine product sourcing, view critical data across locations and benefit from simpler data maintenance.
  • Cloud Deployment - Infor SyteLine includes enhanced support for cloud deployment and development. New features such as a Data Maintenance Wizard allow users to rapidly develop new data structures and application forms. Infor SyteLine offers advanced flexibility for deployments, and creates ease of use for application extensions. This benefits smaller companies who want to get started quickly. Now they can do so without compromising on the rigidness often imposed by competing ERP cloud solutions. Users also benefit from lower cost of ownership, by eliminating the need for costly hardware and additional technical support.
  • Improved Compliance Measures - Infor SyteLine offers user defined compliance programs, permitting users to track and report company compliance for RoHS and REACH. This enhanced compliance helps users manage and secure various government regulatory measures with greater ease.
  • Enhanced Financials - The solution allows for multiple financial sets of books, as well as the ability to have a separate year-end adjustment period and financial calendars with different year-end dates. This creates an advantage for companies that manage their financial needs in a manner that best suites their business model by providing full-scale visibility.
  • Promotional Pricing and Rebates - This version of Infor SyteLine permits users to define promotional pricing and rebates. This enables organizations to pass along incentives to their customer base to help differentiate themselves from their competitors.
  • Surcharges - Infor SyteLine now allows users to account for the fluctuation of commodity prices and surcharges, across any number of exchange services for customer and vender orders. Comparing the actual and base pricing during the purchase or sale of affected items helps users measure these surcharges and determine the appropriate actions.
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Versions Supported
  • Symix/SyteLine
  • SyteLine 4.x
  • SyteLine 5.x
  • SyteLine 6.x
  • SyteLine 7.x
  • SyteLine 8.x
  • SyteLine 9.x
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