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Our MFG/PRO Practice

Blue Chip has been consulting on Mfg/PRO since 1992, We have provide end to end professional services on eB(Mfg/PRO). Currently we serve 43 customers in 10 countries, from version 7.2  to the latest eB 2.1 on .NET

Implementation Services
Single Site Mfg/Pro eB2 Implementation

Typically these would be Single site operations such one factory and Administrative operations. Generally a green field implementation where there would be a number of disparate systems or the company is setting up a new Business unit.

Multi Site Distributed Mfg/Pro eB2 Implementation

The customer business would have a couple of Manufacturing Units, Central administrative office, distribution and sales office located at various location.

Multi Site Shared Services Mfg/Pro eB2 Implementation

The company setup would be similar, but certain critical functions such as Purchasing, Planning, Payroll, finance etc. Would be done centrally. In this type of implementation it is paramount that the communication infrastructure is highly dependable and scalable. Various site users would log on to a central server and Single database.

Customization Services
Core program modification on Mfg/Pro eB2.1 .Net

Certain times some of the customer needs customisation on core Mfg/Pro programs simple examples of these would be PO print, invoice formats etc. Basically reports and functional enhancements on Mfg/Pro eB2.

Customized Module developments on Mfg/Pro eB2.1 .Net

Functions like Local tax system, local financial systems, Quality management solutions or Business process that are specific to the client's environment, have to build around Mfg/Pro, these modules could be tightly or loosely coupled with Mfg/Pro.

Support Services
Maintenance of Mfg/Pro

A maintenance team would be set aside to undertake up certain changes, which come up in due course of operations. They would act as a support function to our customers existing IT setup.

Helpdesk Management

For Large deployments of Mfg/Pro, we support our customers with 24/7 Helpdesk facilities. This team would take up various issues from Operations to system bugs.

Migration Services

Migration of Prior version of Mfg/Pro to the latest eB2 version. QAD releases new versions of their Flagship product Mfg/Pro eB2. To take advantage of the new features and functionalities, customers would need to move ahead to the latest offering. Typical migration will require data and custom code to be moved to the new version of Mfg/pro, there could be certain complexities like design change in the base schema, enhanced functionalities, deployment of new technologies etc. Migration projects need to be executed under the guidance of professional.

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Versions Supported
  • MFG/PRO -
  • 7.x ChUI
  • 8.x ChUI, 8.x GUI
  • 9.x ChUI
  • eB, eB2, eB 2.1 Domain, eB 2.1 .NET
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