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Our MFG/PRO Practice

QAD's MFG/PRO is an ERP application capable of delivering robust and global functionality in the areas of Sales and Distribution, Manufacturing and Financials. It is capable of delivering Supply Chain solutions in the global context. It is well supported by the Enterprise Material Transfer (EMT) and Enterprise Operations Plan as an Enterprise wide application. Its global perspective is highlighted by its availability in 26 concurrent languages. Further the Open Systems architecture makes it a truly international solution and is available on Unix and NT environment with concurrent support on both these diverse platforms.

Blue Chip has been consulting on MFG/PRO and Progress since 1989 and since then enhanced services on MFG/PRO. We assist our customers to implement and maintain MFG/PRO, enhance customized solutions and develop add-on modules.

Introduce innovation, agility and cost-effectiveness into Offshore Services

Bluechip's strong pool of techno-functional consultants has successfully completed MFG/PRO implementation in various business sectors like Manufacturing, Engineering & Automobiles and Food processing organizations based on the client requirements. Add on modules like Fixed Assets, Planning, Scheduling and SSM are also delivered through the structured and time tested implementation methodologies. We do more concentration on the following to ensure the 100% client satisfaction.

  • Cost effective and Time bound Planning
  • Study & Understanding the Business needs
  • Implementation Impact Analysis
  • Data Migration requirements
  • Infrastructure requirements
  • Document Management
  • Better Consultation to Integrate the Business in to the ERP
  • User Training (with the related business test cases)
  • Evaluate the User's Knowledge
  • Built self equipped internal team
  • Testing
  • Development and Integration of customized modules and reports
  • Post implementation Support
  • ERP model Roll-outs
  • Single Site Mfg/Pro eB2 Implementation: Typically these would be Single site operations such one factory and Administrative operations. Generally a green field implementation where there would be a number of disparate systems or the company is setting up a new Business unit.

    Multi Site Distributed Mfg/Pro eB2 Implementation: The customer business would have a couple of Manufacturing Units, Central administrative office, distribution and sales office located at various location

    Multi Site Shared Services Mfg/Pro eB2.1 Domain Implementation: Companies that have multiple business operations in different countries with different base currencies and GL reporting requirements must set up a separate MFG/PRO database for each company. Certain types of reporting is difficult because the data is not in one central location, this can add additional overhead and cost for IT resources needed to support these databases. A multiple-database implementation can also limit a companys ability to centralize and enforce standard practices across the enterprise. With introduction of the domain concept in the MFG/PRO database provides flexible implementation options for supporting multiple business operations within a single database and eliminates the need for a single database-wide base currency or database-wide control settings.

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    Versions Supported
    • MFG/PRO -
    • 7.x ChUI
    • 8.x ChUI, 8.x GUI
    • 9.x ChUI
    • eB, eB2, eB 2.1 Domain, eB 2.1 .NET
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