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Our MFG/PRO Practice

QAD's MFG/PRO is an ERP application capable of delivering robust and global functionality in the areas of Sales and Distribution, Manufacturing and Financials. It is capable of delivering Supply Chain solutions in the global context. It is well supported by the Enterprise Material Transfer (EMT) and Enterprise Operations Plan as an Enterprise wide application. Its global perspective is highlighted by its availability in 26 concurrent languages. Further the Open Systems architecture makes it a truly international solution and is available on Unix and NT environment with concurrent support on both these diverse platforms.

Blue Chip has been consulting on MFG/PRO and Progress since 1989 and since then enhanced services on MFG/PRO. We assist our customers to implement and maintain MFG/PRO, enhance customized solutions and develop add-on modules.

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Migration / Upgradation

Bluechip has proven methodology for the version upgrade and system migration process, and also we have couple of highly satisfied clients across the world. Having experience of migrating from 7.x to eB 2.1, Mfg/Pro 9 to eB2.1 and eB 2 to eB 2.1 .NET. The bellow steps are followed by Bluechip to complete the Migration successfully.

  • Study of the Business
  • Understanding the Current Business process in the system
  • GAP between the versions
  • Client Requirements
  • Study about the Impact on the migration
  • Study on the customized modules
  • Consultation about Data clean-up (to migrate the valid data)
  • Consultation about Masters Codification (to ensure the user friendly reporting and easy Identification)
  • Infrastructure requirement
  • Documentation
  • Developing the interface for Data migration
  • User Training on new futures in the latest version
  • Validate the migrated data (between both the systems)
  • Mock migration to ensure the successful go-live
  • Live Migration
  • Data verification post migration
  • Support after Migration to ensure the smooth continuity
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    Versions Supported
    • MFG/PRO -
    • 7.x ChUI
    • 8.x ChUI, 8.x GUI
    • 9.x ChUI
    • eB, eB2, eB 2.1 Domain, eB 2.1 .NET
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